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Cessation of the Prescription Telephone Line Service

Posted on January 1st, 2019

Please be advised that due to a significant and unsustainable increase in requests for acute prescriptions through our answerphone service we have had to discontinue the service.

We do, however, want you to take advantage of the other ways of getting your prescription medication.  These include our Vision Online service where you are able to order directly into our medical system, as well as booking online appointments.  You may be eligible to register with the Chronic Medication Service(see link).

In the short term we will help you with your Repeat Prescription over the phone – but if you feel that you require anything outwith your Repeat Prescription you will have to complete the form below.

If you cannot fill in the form you will have to make an appointment to see the GP.  The GP may, however, still require you to make an appointment to come in for a review before your medication is re authorised.

Please click here for a fillable PDF pro forma for any medication request that is not ordinarily on your Repeat Prescription.

From Thu 01 Nov 18 we require 2 working days’ notice for Repeat Prescriptions NOT including  Saturday, Sunday and holidays) for prescriptions to be reviewed and signed.

Safe & Careful Prescribing

Before signing a prescription, the doctors, nurses and pharmacist need time to check that you have had your checks (blood tests, BP check, etc.) that any letters from consultants have been actioned, that the guidelines for your condition / drug haven’t changed recently, etc.

Your pharmacy will then need time to order, dispense and check your prescription. We suggest that you request your prescription when you have 10 to 14 days supply left, so there is no urgency for you, the practice staff or pharmacy staff.

You pharmacy may be able to give you an “Urgent Supply” if you run out of medication. There are rules about when this can / can’t be done, and the pharmacy staff may phone the practice to check it is safe for you to have more medication. Please don’t go without your prescription medication, any pharmacist in the UK can help you, wherever you are.

Safe healthcare is calm, planned and never rushed

Request your prescription…

Mon Tues Wed Thu Fri Over theWeekend
Prescription will be ready to collect*… Wed Thu Fri Mon Tues after 2pm onWed

*This is when the prescription form will be signed and ready to collect at reception by you or your pharmacy. Please allow time for the pharmacy staff to order, dispense and check your prescription.

Many thanks for your understanding with this matter